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Anthus rufulus, Waistra Green

Paddyfield Pipit

Paddyfield pipit (Anthus rufulus) is bird under Family Motacillidae Order Passeriformes with Pale thin brak, white lining across eyes, pale grey head, pale underparts, light grey upperparts with streaks over shoulders and rear back, tall thin tail, long pale legs. Hopping across sandy grassy areas, feeds on seeds, insects, larvae, ants, bugs.

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Great Egret

Total white outstanding due to its tall appearance at lake edge and river banks ,long yellow beak , thick long legs and downward sloping body with long generally curved neck. Eats fish, froges, insets etc. This is the symbol of the National Audubon Society. It is one of the species to which the Agreement on

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Little Grebe

The little grebe ,also known as dabchick ,is a member of the grebe family of the water birds. Smallest of swimming –diving , tail less bird, short pointed beak, heavy rear portion , always moving forword ,often diving in water to feed submerged organisms.

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Little cormorant

Total black but smaller than the Indian cormorant it lacks a peaked head and has a shorter beak. There is also a short crest on the back of the head .

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Great Cormorant

Phalacrocorax Carbo Total black with yellow throat, the largest among cormorants. The great cormorants often nests in colonies near wetlands ,rivers, and sheltered inshore waters. Their feet have webbing between all four toes. All species are fish eaters, catching the prey by diving from the surface.

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